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Terms of use Nordic Tech List

(1) Description of service

Welcome to the Nordic Tech List!

The Nordic Tech List (“NTL”) is a site for all the facts, figures and news about the Nordic Tech ecosystems. The site is built on a graph database that includes startups, investors and people involved in Nordic Tech. The aim of NTL is to grow the Nordic Tech ecosystem both locally and internationally by creating an online platform for everything Nordic Tech. The goal is to become the first choice resource for all of the facts, figures and news about the Nordic Tech ecosystem. The NTL graph database is constantly growing from all of the data and information provided by users, investors and journalists.

Getting started - paying a fee and register for an account

NTL is owned and fully funded by Dagens industri AB org no 556221-8494, BOX 34110, 100 26 Stockholm Sweden, (hereafter “Di” or “We”). Access to the Nordic Tech List (“the Service”) require that you enter into an agreement with Di by paying a monthly fee and register as a user.

The Service is offered against a fee for a period of 90 days access. The fee is paid by card transfer. Access for an additional period requires a new payment. Hence, the service is not subject to a subscription. To access the Service it is required that you create a Di-account and register to access the NTL database Service. As soon as you have entered into the agreement you can instantly contribute to the database by creating profiles and adding information and data about people, businesses and organizations involved in the Nordic Tech ecosystem.

By submitting your name, age, a valid e-mail address and password of choice, or by signing in using a valid account with a third-party service, you are creating an account with the NTL and by paying the fee you are entering into the User Agreement. The User Agreement consists of (1) General terms for DI-accounts, (2) Terms of use Nordic Tech List and (3) the Privacy Policy.

As soon as you have created an account you may add your own profile to the database which is accessible to all users of NTL, and provide information on your role in the Nordic Tech ecosystem. You may add your own profile by submitting information manually or by supplying the credentials to your Twitter-account. If you are really cool, the NTL-team might already have created an editorial profile featuring you. You can claim control of such an editorial profile. Once you have added your own profile or claimed a profile you control the profile featuring you. However, other users may suggest changes to your profile subject to your approval.

You are required to keep the contact information provided at registration up to date. You agree to hold only one account which is required to be in your real name. We reserve the right to transfer control of any false profiles you create. You also affirm that you have not previously been suspended from using the Service or a DI-account.

Please note that in order to use the Service you need to be 18 years old or older. By creating an account and accepting these terms you affirm that you are 18 years or older. If We have reason to believe that you do not fulfil the age criteria, we may suspend your account and your further use of the Service until you provide acceptable proof of age.

Account Security

You are responsible for all activity on your account, whether authorized by you or not. Therefore, We advise you to store your credentials (username and password) securely. If you have reason to suspect that your account has been compromised you should promptly notify Di thereof. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account without prior notice in case We have reason to believe there has been a breach of security. In case of such suspension We do not guarantee that you will be refunded for the remaining period of your purchase.

(2) Database content

The Service offers different types of content protected by intellectual property right law.

NTL consists of two separate databases, one primary database with user generated content and one editorial database.

Primary database with user generated content

The primary database consists of profiles on organizations and individual profiles claimed by the person featured. The database offers features allowing Users to create, edit and modify content by adding and editing profiles. You may also upload bulk content by contacting the NTL team. You agree to the rules of conduct for adding to the database set out below. All content and information added by you will be associated with your username and/or SNS profile vis-à-vis Di. You are solely responsible for the content and data uploaded on behalf of your account. You may add or edit information on your profile, organizational or business profiles, and other User controlled profiles without prior checks by the NTL team/Di Digital editorial staff. I.e., Di does not moderate the database. However, there is one exception. Adding contacts to an organization or business profile is subject to editorial review before becoming viewable to others unless the person added has claimed his or her profile. In such cases the adding of a contact is subject to review by the person featured.

All NTL Users may modify, edit or delete any content uploaded by you in the database.

Di does not assume liability for any User-generated content, its accuracy or any legal claims associated with it. However, the aim of the database is the display of accurate information. Therefore we apply a notice-and-take down system. If you notice any content you believe to be defamatory, inciting to racial hatred or infringing upon copyright, please contact us at We reserve the right to promptly remove, or to disable access to, without notice, any user-generated content which we deem to be potentially defamatory, otherwise unlawful or in violation of any third party rights. Di’s obligation to monitor the database is limited to what is set forth in statutory law. Di’s efforts to delete unlawful content does not affect the responsibility of the one uploading the content.

Editorial database

NTL also contains a separate database of complementary editorial profiles provided and controlled by the Di Digital editorial staff. The database is registered with the Swedish Broadcasting Authority and subject to protection under the Fundamental Law on Freedom of Expression (SFS 1991:1469). Profiles belonging to the editorial database is marked with a special notice and contrasting cover banner.

We encourage interaction and participation in creating NTL. Therefore, you may suggest changes to editorial profiles provided by the NTL team. However, suggested changes to editorial profiles are subject to review by Di prior to any publication.

Claiming control of a profile

To claim control over an editorial profile created by the kind and hardworking NTL team please contact You may only claim control over a profile featuring you. If required for authentication of your profile/account, the NTL team will ask for further information before transferring control of the editorial profile. When control of the profile has been transferred you are solely responsible for the information provided and able to edit the profile at will subject to the terms in this agreement.

To claim control of a User profile featuring you, i.e. a false profile, please contact the NTL team at

(3) Your rights and obligations

By entering into the agreement you are granted the right to use the Service for your private, non-commercial use. You may not transfer your right set forth in this agreement. To access the database you agree to adhere to the following terms and rules of conduct.

The NTL database and software is owned by Di and protected by intellectual property rights. You may not use Di’s trademarks, logo, domain or other distinctive brand features without express and written prior authorization.

Rules of conduct

You agree to only add content to the database that does not violate the law nor infringe the rights of any third party, including copyright, breaching a contract or privacy rights. I.e. you may only upload pictures, “texts” and other material if you are the originator of the content (author etc) or if you hold the copyright by other means (such as contract). You agree not to harass, abuse or harm any third party. You agree not to disclose information you lack the right to disclose, such as trade secrets and confidential information.

You agree not to use the Service to participate in illegal activities or to encourage somebody else to engage in illegal activities or use the service to promote contests sweepstakes or pyramid schemes.

You agree to provide only accurate information, not to misrepresent yourself, your identity, any of your qualifications past or present, or to misrepresent others by creating false profiles or adding inaccurate information or data to existing profiles.

You agree not to collect, use, copy, transfer any information, content or data obtained from the NTL database or create derivative works of the NTL database, manually or by using automated software or by other means or processes, except as expressly authorized.

You may not compromise the security of the NTL database by spreading malicious software, viruses, worms or other harmful code nor use or attempt to use another User’s account.

(4) Rights to content

You grant Di a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, transferable and sublicensable right to use, copy, modify, delete, distribute, publish and process the content you upload to the Service. Said license to Di is granted without any further consent, notice and/or compensation to you or others. The rights granted are limited in the following ways.

You can delete content you have previously uploaded to the Service by editing the profiles in question. Your ability to delete content is limited to the extent the profile is controlled by the person featured or the Di editorial staff. After deletion the content will not be viewable for other User. Di’s right to content will survive deletion.

(5) User liability

You are responsible for your use of the Service and losses or costs incurred by the use of your account by others. Di will require you to compensate us for any losses or costs we may incur for your negligence in respecting these Terms.

(6) General limits liability and disclaimers

Di does not review content provided by Users in the primary database with the exception for suggestions regarding editorial profiles. You agree that We are not responsible for third parties’ (including others Users’) content or information displayed in the NTL database and that Di does not assume liability for any damages resulting from your reliance on such information.

While Di attempts to provide the optimal user experience, we cannot guarantee that the Service will always be free from errors nor that it will function without delays, disruptions or interruptions.

Di does not assume any liability for your use of third party apps to authenticate your account with the Service. The third party apps may access your information on NTL and apply their own legal terms and privacy policies.

(7) Investment liability

Information and other data presented in the NTL database is for illustrative purposes only. Users should not rely on any of the provided information or data for investment decisions. Di does not assume liability for any damage or costs incurred by relying on the information provided by users in “claimed” profiles, organizational or business profile nor information on profiles controlled by the NTL editorial team.

(8) Copyright policy

All users of the NTL are required to comply with applicable copyright laws. Di aims to remove any material that infringes copyright or property rights of others. If you have reason to believe that any part of the Service infringes your copyright please contact us at

(9) Termination

This agreement may be terminated by you or Di at any time without notice. Upon termination you are no longer entitled to access NTL, use your Di account or related services. Regardless cause of termination Di retains the right to continue displaying content and information you have contributed to the NTL by adding to other profiles. You terminate your account by contacting Di at Please note that terminating your account will not result in deletion of your profile (if you have created one) nor will it result in the deletion of other User-generated content uploaded by you.

We reserve the right to terminate your access to the Service at any time without prior notice. We reserve the right to terminate and limit access to the Service by Users violating the terms of this agreement, infringing the rights of Di, third parties or creating false profiles.

In case of termination or limitation We do not guarantee that you will be refunded for the remaining period of your purchase.

Upon termination, following terms will continue to apply:

(10) Modification of terms

We reserve the right to change the terms of this User Agreement, for example as a result of regulatory changes or changes in service. We will provide you notices of changes in terms through the contact information you have provided when registering for the Service 30 days in advance. Changes in terms will not be retroactive. If you do not agree to the changes in terms you must terminate your account prior to them coming into effect. Use of the Service after the revised terms come into effect will be regarded as accepting the new terms.

The date of the last modification of the terms will be stated on this page. Previous versions of the User Agreement will be available upon request. For changes in Privacy Policy, please see our Privacy Policy.

In case of your termination of your account due to modification of terms We do not guarantee that you will be refunded for the remaining period of your purchase if you have paid for 90 days access.

(11) Notices

You agree that we may provide notices to you using the e-mail address provided by you at registration, for the purpose of allowing you to approve edits to your profile suggested by other Users, serving you legal notices, or notice of personal data breach etc.

We may also provide you notices with regard to direct marketing. You may opt out from receiving direct marketing by contacting the NTL editorial team at

(12) Governing law and dispute resolution

This agreement shall be subject to the laws of Sweden. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be subject to jurisdiction of the District Court of Stockholm, Sweden.

(13) Complaints regarding content

Di has implemented procedures for receiving written notifications on copyright infringement and other unlawful content displayed in the database of User generated content. To file a copyright notice or report any other content violations, please contact the NTL team at

(14) Feedback

We appreciate all feedback to help improve our services. When providing feedback you are however granting Di the right to use and disseminate your feedback without restriction, for any purpose without compensation to you.